Biggest Fashion Industry Events

images (21)The five capitals of fashion around the globe hold the most anticipated annual industry events called as fashion week. The newest designs from top designers and brands are presented in these events. Runway shows are the emphasize of any fashion week, and this is the location where fashion lovers, customers, and members around the world media can participate in the introduction of the newest promotions of the creative prodigies behind the fashion market. In these places fashion week is organised twice a year and before coming of the new season so that customers and the press are given a review of what the fashion brands have in line for the future season. The schedule is also set as such so that retailers have plenty of time to incorporate the designs into their own marketing and arrange purchases forward. The winter and autumn collections are presented in the months of Jan to Apr, while the summer collections are revealed in the months of Sept to Nov. The locations of the most important clothing trade exhibitions are organised in Paris in France, London in the U.K, Milan in Italy, New York in the United States of America and Berlin in Germany.

London Fashion Week has created history in 2010 when all the events happening on the catwalk were broadcast-ed on the Internet via live streaming. It was the initial attempt by any fashion event to take the advantage of technology. London Fashion Week is organised in the capital of the UK in Sept and Feb. It is one of the “Big Four” clothing trade events on the globe, the other three being the events organised in Paris, Milan and New York. Paris fashion week is organised twice a year as well mainly at the Carrousel du Louvre and additional locations in Paris. The French fashion federation decides the particular schedules for the fashion week, but it usually comes after Milan. The fashion week in New York begins out the “Big Four” followed by London and then Milan, finishing in Paris.

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